Shopping is Important

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007! Well, my little corner of the world has lots to be happy about, relatively healthy, wealthy, and wise, etc. But today I can't stop thinking about the 3000 Americans who've died in Iraq and the 800,000 Iraqis who've died ( since we invaded that country. How is this related to ShoppingisImportant? Maybe we wouldn't be over there if we didn't have an addiction to oil. Maybe if we shopped more carefully (buy local!) in fuel-efficient cars we wouldn't need as much mideast oil.

We need to shop very carefully for our next president. Anyone who thinks that Al Gore's presidency would have been no different from GWB's isn't paying attention (not sure about Kerry...). The way I see it, the democratic dominated congress and senate have about a year to show the people who voted for them that democrats can run the country better than republicans. If they can't do that, we're going to get another republican in the white house. It's up to us to hold our representatives accountable. Let them know what you think! And if you decide you like one of the presidential hopefuls, vote with your $ and send them a few bucks. Shop, then vote as if our future depends on it.


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