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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Greetings of the season! We're enjoying the solstice/festivus/Xmas, etc. Holiday with a real tree (though 2 of us argued for an artificial one). I rushed around a little earlier in the month and then had to stop rushing and start icing post knee surgery. Between vicodins I've had time to read, enjoy visitors, and reflect on where I want to put my energy in the new year. It's like trying to figure out the unified field theory of effort. I know when it feels right. Like buying gifts at the alternative gift fairs. Like using all the veggies in my Community Supported Agriculture box and sneaking some into my family's dinners. Like spending time with friends making gingerbread houses. I know when it feels wrong. Like making an extra car trip to pick up unhealthy, unappetizing food because I know that's what my family will eat. Like going to order/pay/eat restaurants where they process the processed food from the central warehouse. Like buying stuff made who knows where under who knows what working conditions and resulting in who knows what kind of environmental consequences.

How will we know when more people are voting with their $? The parking lots at malls and big box stores will be empty. People will shop at farmers' markets and will cook at home. When they go out to eat, it will be to restaurants that bought their food at the farmers' market. People will eat less meat and only meat from farms that treat their animals in a humane way. (Vegans, go to this link for "how we will know" People will demand to know to whom and to what institutions they are giving their $.

When I figure out the unified theory of effort, I'll let you know. In the meantime, enjoy your Holiday in whatever way it's meaningful for you.


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