Shopping is Important

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Yesterday was Buy Nothing Day. We spent it attempting family fun, which didn't work out to be as fun as we thought, but we tried. It's hard to tempt a teen and pre-teen with the prospect of a beautiful drive and lunch out. You don't want the gory details. Bottom line, the 11-year old is grounded for a week. The 16-year old has to wait 5 extra days to get his driver's license once he's ready. Lame? Yes. I feel like I should go back to parenting school. Oh wait, there is no parenting school. I think what I'm trying to say here is that we're suffering the effects of getting caught up in the hi-tech culture. When we got all these electronic toys and gradually stopped doing outdoor things together (though we keep trying), we were setting up the exact situation we had yesterday: kids literally kicking and screaming in the car. Buy Wisely Every Day. Shopping is Important.

Glad I received this photo of me from the home build; it lifted my spirits. I'll post more when I get them.


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