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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Nutalie and family just moved. Close by instead of far away, thank the goddess. It's been really hard for her for reasons she writes about on her chickenblog. She's moved 3 times in the 10 years I've known her and each time I feel for her, but also have a bit of envy. Ahhh to start over in a new place. We haven't done that in almost 14 years. And as of last night, it's even less likely we'll move for a long time. That's right, we did what millions are doing all over the US: we got a home equity loan.

Here's what our financial advisor (aka broker) told us. It's important to get one of these loans when you don't need it because you can't get one when you do need it. Here's what he hasn't been telling us all these years. Spend less, save more and you'll never need a home equity loan. And here we are, with an empty backyard and a contractor who likes to be paid for his work (the nerve!). And the broker devil was whispering to us, go ahead, get the loan, don't shop for it, Morgan Stanley will make it easy for you. Think of the security you'll feel when you have college tuition due. You'll know it's there, you use it now and pay it back later, you're going to love it!

I'll tell you something that convinced me to get this loan. We're not getting any younger. Our #1 son will be ready for college in less than 2 years making extra $ hard to find. So it started to seem like it was now or never to remodel the yard. And maybe we're going overboard, with a fountain and flagstone and the rest, but hey, there's no pool, no spa. It's mostly flowers. And as I get older, it's easier to imagine my golden years outside in the yard growing stuff. It's an investment, I tell myself, with visible rewards. What kind of shopping (or not shopping) rationalizations are you using?


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