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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Have you started your Christmas, Chanukah, and Winter Solstice shopping yet? I have. Today, I spent a bunch of $ at an alternative gift fair. Tree seedlings to be planted in Africa or Mexico. Organic coffee. Crafts from Bangladesh, Africa, Mexico. How does that differ from buying crafts at the mall? These are fair trade crafts, with the artisans getting enough of the profit to improve their lives.

The fair was at the Presbyterian church on the other side of the freeway from our UU fellowship. They're much bigger than we are. When people shop for their religious experience, most don't end up at the UU. We don't offer salvation, they do. But I'm not sure that's a major reason people choose their religion. I think it's like food. If it's familiar, it's more palatable. Or if the dogma's not palatable, at least it's comfortable. And this church is big on service and youth involvement, a lot like the UU in this way. Excellent to find much in common with these Christians. We should do more together with people from other local congregations. As Rev. Kathy used to say, what we do during the week is more important than what we say on Sunday.

If you don't have a religion, I recommend shopping for one. Pick one where you feel comfortable and challenged at the same time. Find a congregation that feels like home, a clergy person you like is an added bonus, but it's the congregation that will keep you going. It may take you a long time to find one you like, but keep shopping, it's worth it.


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