Shopping is Important

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Election day is on Tuesday. How could you miss the signs? Many of us take time to evaluate how we'll vote, especially on those propositions. Done right, this is time-consuming, but gratifying to have an opinion and express it.

Election day comes a few times a year and good citizens cast their votes because it's our right and privilege to vote. But you don't have to wait for election day to cast your votes. You can vote every day with your $. Imagine you've been given a ballot when you go to the store. You can tell the makers of unhealthy food that you don't want their lousy products. You can tell the organic farmers that they should plant more veggies because you care about the Earth and your family's health.

Just like voting on election day, you may feel like your little vote doesn't make much of a difference, but your economic vote cast every time you shop eventually does add up. Grab your cloth bags and go shopping. It's important.


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