Shopping is Important

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Does simple living mean less shopping or more shopping? Here are some ideas from that workshop I went to.

Simple living is:
1. Not easy.
2. About choices.
3. Mindful living.
4. A process, not an end goal.
5. Enjoying what you have.
6. Identifying what is "enough".
7. Removing what you don't want.
8. Adding in what you do want.

Our UU green sanctuary group had a potluck last night, and we shared what simple living practices are working for us. One mom described the morning's trip to the farmer's market with her small children. They tasted and bought organically grown fruits and veggies. They spoke to the farmers who grow what they sell. The kids had fun and the family had a great time together. She said it's mornings like this that remind her that enrolling your kids in soccer or T-ball is not the only way to raise your children.

Simple living tip from the workshop: Pick a day when your house is really chaotic. Invite a dear friend over and don't clean up before they arrive. Tell them you're so glad they could come over and knew they wouldn't mind your messy house. The important thing is that you are spending time together.

Simple living means doing more careful shopping, less pointless shopping. Think before you choose.


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