Shopping is Important

Sunday, September 24, 2006

This weekend I was at a UU women's retreat. Lots of hiking, workshops, and organic food from their incredible garden. It wasn't hard to eat 8 or 9 servings of fruits and veggies a day. Back home now and only got to 5 today. Hmmmmm.

I went to a simple living workshop. Lots of practical advice I'd already heard. Clarify your values. Stand up for the right to give from the heart, not from the big box store. If it's not useful or beautiful, give it away. Stuff I've heard before. I wished there had been more WHY in the workshop. Why staying out of stores makes time for self=expression. Why thinking before acquiring can give you time to think about whether buying that thing is consistent with your values. Why being consistent with our values affects people around the world, not just ourselves and our families. That's my rant, you know it by now.

So at the workshop, I ranted silently and then did the values clarification workshop. I prioritized the long list of things I've intended to do but haven't done yet. The clarification question was "What will happen if you don't do that thing that's been on your list and still hasn't gotten done?" Many times, my answer was Nothing. So these items can be postponed and the other items move ahead. Unless the answer is something like, I won't be as cool as my friend or something. Then you should probably throw that one off the list.

Keep it simple. Make family and friends your priorities. Shopping is important.


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