Shopping is Important

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Shopping is important. I never thought I would hear myself say it, let alone write it. I've spent most of my life avoiding shopping, either because I didn't have any money or because shopping was for girly girls and wannabees. And recreational shopping IS for girly girls and wannabees. But I'm not talking about that kind of shopping. I'm talking about taking the time to recognize that when you spend your $, you're not just buying something on a store shelf. You're giving your $ to the store that bought it to sell to you. And that $ is going to the wholesaler and the shipper. And that $ is going to the manufacturer. And that $ is going to the workers who assembled what you bought. And that $ is going to the companies that acquired the raw materials. And that $ is going to the people who grew, or dug up, or provided the raw materials to manufacture whatever your $ bought.

Look at your shirt label. My shirt was made in Peru. No clue where the shirt material came from. It's not organically grown material, so the people who grew the fiber were exposed to sprays and chemicals. The amount of $ they got from growing my shirt material was a tiny fraction of the cost of the shirt. Same for whoever made the fiber into shirt material. Same for the Peruvians who sewed the shirt, don't want to think about whether they were younger than my 15 year old or my 10 year old. The shirt was shipped to the US and distributed to the Chico stores. How much oil was used to ship the fiber to the weavers/knitters to the cutters to the sewers to the stores? Don't know, but I think about it anyway because when I bought my shirt, my $ went to all of those people. Is that where I want my $ to go? Is this the kind of economy that's best for the people my $ went to? I don't know, but I think it's important to recognize the truth of where my $ goes and how my $ affects individual humans and the world economy. I'm not saying I feel guilty or should feel guilty, just that I want to recognize the truth of where my $ goes. More later...


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