Shopping is Important

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Shop carefully for your blog enjoyment. Don't waste your precious time. When you need to take a break, try, an authentic personal blog with laughter, tears, and suspense. Try for religiously inspired kvetching. Try to remind you that you can choose to get your veggies from a local farm instead of a plastic-wrapped package at a life-sucking grocery store. There's community-supported agriculture in your area, check it out: There are farmers' markets, too. And even better, you can grow your own. You don't have to give your $ to agribusiness, there's a better way. MoL8R.


  • Hey, that would mean we could have the right to our own taste. Say it isn't true!!!

    Oh, wait a minute: check these guys out:

    What next, slow shopping??

    By Blogger DanoDanoDan, at 3:28 PM  

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