Shopping is Important

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

From the China Moon cookbook by Barbara Tropp:


I cherish a wacky notion that our American world would be a lot saner if we all had the time and knowledge to cook. If every one of our kids had a cooking class in school, if harried workers had a cooking holiday instead of sick days, and if politicians had to make a meal for their constituents and serve it to them once a month, our world might spin a bit better.

We'd grow more aware of our resources. We'd prize the land that brought us real cherries and great-tasting meat. We'd never pollute our oceans if we caught and cooked our own fish.

If I were president, I'd call for a full week's work halt so everyone could stay at home and cook. Friends would gather and eat, kids would curl up in contented balls, and the sound of happy burping would resound throughout the world.


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